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Guide to hospitality photography

In an increasingly complicated and stressful world, first impressions are paramount!

This is especially true in the tourism and hospitality industry. 


Often the reason for traveling is to get away from our hectic lives and into a world of relaxation.


This also applies to the decision making process. Holiday makers don't want to be overwhelmed with information when deciding where to stay. They want to be convinced that their hard earned cash will get them that perfect break they're desperately in need of.

This is where your visual content and marketing strategy comes in. Compelling imagery, when done right, has an extraordinary power to draw people in and leave a lasting impression.


First impressions are vital and research shows that once a person comes onto your website you have under 5 seconds to capture their attention.


Your images are at the forefront of your service. It’s a direct reflection of what you have to offer and highlights everything that is good or bad about your business.

The better your visual content, the more people will be compelled to use you over your competitors. 

So here a 5 essential tips that will transform your visual content and help you to stand out from the crowd:

2. Do you have a light?

Lighting is without a doubt the most important aspect of photography. No one wants to stay in a dark and dingy hotel room. Flood the image with natural light to brighten the room and make it as attractive as possible to prospective visitors. 

4. Quality over quanity

One powerful image is far more effective than 10 boring, uninspiring images. People don’t want to see every aspect before they arrive. They want to be sold a dream vacation through strong visual imagery. They couldn't care less if the toilet paper has a fancy fold or if the towels are in the shape of a swan. Yes it’s a nice touch but it’s not what will get them to part with their hard earned cash.

1. Straight to the point

The cardinal sin of architectural photography. Make sure all your photos are perfectly straight. If an image isn’t straight then people will think you're lazy and not bothered about your presentation. This may give them the impression that this is true for other aspects of your business such as customer service and management.

3. Simplicty is the ultimate sophistication

When it comes to arranging subjects in your images, make sure you remove any clutter such as pamphlets and wires to simplify the scene. This makes it easier for your viewers to concentrate on the important aspects such as the interior design or the stunning views. As Leonardo Da Vinci once said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

5. Life of the party

Whenever possible try and include people. By including life in your images this shows there’s a bustling vibe and that you’re popular amongst other tourists. It’s almost like a visual testimonial. But be careful not to get in the way of guests as this could ruin their experience and leave you with some bad reviews.

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